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Spinning Division is capable of producing more than 60 tonnes/day of Combed & Carded ring spun yarn from 6/s to 40/s count. Mainly hosiery yarn for knitting market.

Weaving Division - One of the quality Fabric producing facility in India having the capability to produce all kinds of woven fabrics in 100% cotton, in various thread counts (TC) ranging from 500 TC to 1000 TC, in wider width upto 140 inches,with warp counts upto 90s Ne, with 250 threads in 1 inches and weft counts upto 120s Ne, with 2, 4 and 8 pick insertions.

Garments Division:
The Company's Garments Unit is a 100% Export oriented unit, has capacity to produce 2,00,000 pieces of knitted Garments, to reputed Brands in Europe and US.

Knitting Division
The knitting Division has Capacity to knit 15000 Kgs of yarn to knitted fabric in imported latest circular knitting machines. The products are supplied mainly exports Houses and Gray fabric Exporters in around tiruppur and exports to foreign countries.

Processing Division
The processing division has a capacity of 5 tones to process knitted fabrics perday. The processing unit has zero discharge efficient treatment system in place.

Logistics Division
We are pioneers in express distribution & supply chain solutions.

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