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Bannari Amman Spinning Mills Limited, established in 1995 has a capacity of more than 140,000 spindles. The mill has a complete range of state of the art spinning equipment including Lakshmi Rieter Spinning machinery from Blow room to Spinning departments, Schlafhorst-338 model autoconers for yarn production.

The latest generation of Blow Room lines connected to the cards with Chute Feed System, Auto Leveller Draw Frames and Spinning Frames with Ring Data System, Blow Room, Cards and Combers fitted with automatic waste collection systems are available.

The product range includes Ne 20/1, Ne 24/1, Ne 34/1 & Ne 40/1 combed and carded knitting cotton yarn and caters to Tirupur, Calcutta & Kanpur markets. The mill exports 24% of the production to Israel, Mauritius, Egypt, Taiwan and South Korea.

The company has a Weaving Division with specialized looms for ultra fine count wide width fabric for home furnishings and jumbo looms for industrial textiles. The spinnning Mill has a manufacturing facility for bed linen, Mattress protector, Pillow protector and more products. The Technical textile division of the company consists of a Coating division and a Lamination division.

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